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Playa Lake Farm & Ranch - Lubbock, Texas

Playa Lake Farm & Ranch - Lubbock Texas

Playa Lake Farm & Ranch is a collection of unique playa lake farm and ranch properties with land management practices which support optimizing a sustainable operation that balances wildlife and water conservation with agriculture production and responsible natural resource management.

We are in the business of acquiring and managing playa lake farms and ranches and restoring or improving wildlife habitat and we offer the use of our land for farming, ranching, recreational, educational, and research opportunities.

Our properties are located in the South Plains of Texas around the Lubbock area and surrounding counties which is one of the largest migration pathways of waterfowl and other birds in North America. The South Plains or Llano Estacado is an intensely farmed region and playa lake habitat makes up approximately two percent of the landscape and is a mission critical source of life for the flora and fauna which live in and migrate through this region.


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