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Migratory Bird Hunting Memberships 2023-2024 Season

We are offering up a limited number of Migratory Bird Hunting Memberships for the 2023-2024 hunting season which includes seasonal access by reservation to our properties located in the South Plains of Texas around Lubbock, Texas.  We implement conservation practices which optimize wildlife habitat and set up an incredible hunting experience.  The properties include multiple playa lakes, irrigated corn, milo, and upland grasslands and have hunting opportunities waterfowl, dove, quail, pheasant, deer, and other game.  

Summary of the Playa Lake Farm & Ranch Land:

• Over 30 farms located in Lubbock, Hale, Crosby, Floyd, Lynn, Lamb, Castro, & Dawson Counties all within a 100-mile radius of Lubbock, TX.

• Over 37 Playa Lakes that are surrounded by irrigated and dryland farmland and grassland. Cropland is typically in a cotton/grain rotation which allows for year over year field hunting opportunities in multiple locations.

• Multiple Pit Blind Set Ups inside floodable areas capable of concealing 8-10 people at a time in comfort making for an enjoyable hunt and guaranteeing water hunting opportunities year after year regardless of rainfall.

• Trophy type Mule Deer regularly use our properties, we run feeders and cameras set ups for patterning and hunting Mule Deer and Whitetail.

Hunting Club Membership Activities

Hunting Activities

o Waterfowl & Dove: enjoy opportunities to hunt both fields and water for ducks, geese, and sandhill crane.

o Upland Birds: enjoy opportunities to hunt grassland fields for pheasant and quail. 

o Deer: enjoy opportunities to hunt trophy type deer from multiple Mule Deer herds and some Whitetail Deer with a bow or rifle.

o Predators, and Other Varmints – enjoy multiple prairie dog towns and numerous places to hunt predators and other varmints.

o Hog Hunting – hogs have historically been seen on only a few of our properties, but we do have them.

Off Season Activities

o Watching Wildlife: understanding the spring migration and enjoying the properties in the off season with family and friends. 

o Conservation Activities: learn about the on-going conservation activities that set up the next season’s success.

o Property Improvements: learn about the improvements we are making in the off season to enhance our properties for future seasons.

Social Activities

o Multiple group hunts are hosted throughout the season by Playa Lake Farm & Ranch guides and management

o Opportunity to network with other hunters and conservation minded folks who love the outdoors.

o Annual Night of Conservation Dinner: network with other members, hear from professionals about waterfowl, wildlife, and playa lake conservation.

o Access to wildlife population data, conservation research, and invitations to regional conservation activities.

o Youth Engagement: find ways to get our youth involved in the outdoors and learn about the Playa Lake ecosystems.



Duck Hunting in the Playa Lake's region of the South Plains is incredible, it's a highly migratory region and no one day of hunting will be like another.

Our properties are managed for wintering duck habitat whether on the native playa lakes or on one of our moist soil impoundments or "duck ponds" we have unique playa lake wetland habitat that makes for a unique and high quality duck hunting experience.

Our comfortable duck blinds can accomodate small to medium sized groups and allow for concealment and comfort while enjoying the Playa Lake Farm & Ranch duck hunting experience.




The South Plains in and around the Lubbock area is one of the largest wintering grounds for Canada, Snow, and White Fronted Geese. With hundreds of thousands of birds migrating to the playa lakes regions each year this makes for an exceptional hunting opportunity.

On our properties we have playa lakes for loafing and roosting and corn or milo within close proximity drawing in numerous flocks through the winter migration. We offer guided or unguided goose hunting opportunities on our properties. In some cases your hunt may in include harvesting several species of geese, Sandhill Cranes, and even ducks.


Sandill Crane

Sandhill Crane

The Playa Lakes region winter several hundred thousand Sandhill Crane each year. Our properties and the area around them have a high concentration of these incredible birds.

With excellent roosting, loafing, and abundance of feed we get incredible flocks throughout the season. We can accommodate small to medium size groups and hunt both playa lakes and dry fields and offer guided or unguided hunting opportunities.


Upland Bird

Upland Bird

Wild Pheasant & Quail are the two primary upland bird species we have ongoing wildlife habitat enhancement projects for including establishing grasslands & transition cover, providing water, and grain crops in close proximity for optimal upland bird habitat conditions.

Each year with our habitat improvement and enhancement projects we are optimize habitat conditions to increase populations of wild quail and pheasant on our land and only book a few hunts per year to maintain a premium quality hunt. Contact us if you have interests in an upland bird hunting experience at Playa Lake Farm & Ranch.




The playa lakes region in and around the Lubbock area offers some of the finest dove hunting in Texas. Our properties offer excellent dove habitat resource proximity, with food, water, and roosting being in an immediate area.

Generally our hunters limit out within a short period of time. We offer field hunts when dove are feeding or watering hunts in the evening. It's a fast action great shoot. We offer guided, unguided, or dove lease opportunities.


Mule Deer

Mule Deer

Mule deer, along with Whitetail Deer, are the two primary big game species that we target our habitat management efforts for. There are some of the largest Mule deer in Texas in the South Plains area, but by in large the available habitat is a relatively small percentage of the available land.

We find that great playa lake habitat tends to concentrate Mule Deer and in the presence of great habitat, thrive. We offer Mule Deer hunting opportunities through guided hunts or hunting leases on a limited basis based on the harvest recommendations from our population studies.


Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer

Over the past decade we have seen an increasing population whitetail deer migrating into the playa lakes region from the nearby Rolling Plains off of the Caprock Escarpment.

Along with Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer are one of the primary big game species that we manage habitat for on our properties. We offer Whitetail Deer hunting opportunities through guided hunts or hunting leases on a limited basis based on the harvest recommendations from our population studies.


Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs

Throughout the past two decades wild hogs have invaded most of Texas, and we have seen an increased populations on some of our properties, particularly those south of Lubbock.

We have wild hog hunting opportunities available and offer guided or unguided hog hunts on a limited basis.


Predators & Varmints

Predators & Varmints

With the high concentration of birds and other wildlife in and around playa lake habitat in the South Plains there are also predators and varmints including coyotes, bobcats, foxes, prairie dogs and other varmints.

We aim to keep our predator ratios within a reasonable tolerance to not over pressure the other game populations and offer predator hunts on a limited basis.


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